Q. What is SEER?
A. The efficiency of air conditioners is often rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit is.
A.The obvious reason we have vents is that sewer gases need to be vented outside of the dwelling. Not so obvious is that when liquid goes down a pipe, air needs to follow it. Without the vent pipe, the draining liquid will try to suck air through the P-traps on the plumbing fixtures. If it manages to do so, you may know it from the "smell" coming from the now dry seal on the P-trap.
A.Normal time periods are one month to three months.
A. Yes, you should test the pressure relief valve and flush out the sediments. As long as a tank has a functioning anode, it should not rust. You should check or the anode about once every two years.
A. A two-stage gas valve adjusts the furnace heating output based on demand. When demand is low the furnace will operate in the lower stage, reducing your fuel bill. When the demand is higher the furnace automatically cycles up to the higher stage, providing more heat.
A. Simply put, it reduces the operating cost of the blower by about 75%, provides better humidity control in the cooling mode, and delivers more consistent air throughout your home in both heating and cooling modes.
Q. What does the "variable speed" feature of a gas furnace mean to me?
Q. How often should I change my furnace filter?
Q. What does a "two stage" feature of a furnace mean to me?
Q. What is a plumbing vent and what does it do for my system?
Q. Is there any maintenance for a water heater?
Q. How often should I have my furnace or air conditioner serviced?
A. We recommend servicing at the start of every heating or cooling season. In order to keep your unit at max efficiency and promote a longer life span.
Q. What is AFUE?
A. Annual fuel utilization efficiency. Based on a percentage. Lets you know the expected efficiency of a product. Example - a 95% AFUE furnace should put 95 cents of every dollar spent on natural gas toward heating your home.
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